Mozart (Prod by. Lil)

by Will

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Will rapping over "Lil" from Faps


(Verse 1)
I'm feeling like Mozart.
Somebody ate my chocolate poptarts, now I'm about to make the glock spark.
I'm going insane.
Don't know how I maintain, with all the fucking stress.
But I'm still the fucking best, and I'm still Living Death
Until I'm just dead.
The meth head, writing rhymes with distressed lead.
Define the true meaning of crackhead.
Dont crack my temper or I'll have to crack a nigga skull.
Spittin shit that make you niggas catch the holy ghost, I guess I preaching to em
Every line I'm explaining, I guess I fucking teach it to em.
Think I'm Biggie mix with 50 and some Nostradamus.
Fuck Ali, nigga I'm the young Muhammad.
You heard me right, I'm a fucking prophet.
And if you don't acknowledge, you can suck my dick through my fucking pocket.

(Hook 2x)
I'm feeling like Mozart.
Fill the cart with Lucky Charms.
Keep the roosters in the barn and load the fire arms.
Just load the fucking fire arms.
Niggas gon be sleeping with the stars

(Verse 2)
I'm the rap game Wolfgang.
When he was in Paris,
Got niggas head spinning like a ferris...wheel.
And Will will kill at will on beats by Lil, with beats by Dre...on.
These ain't Trey's songs or you can relate songs.
Fuck you, I'm Mozart making shit for niggas to adjust to.
And if you don't then fuck you again, fuck you and your friend if you don't play this shit.
And fuck mainstream, the radio can eat this dick
Load a clip that only hold 7, jam in 11.
Make Shaggy run until his feet swell.
Listening to D12.
And my mom being Shady cause I got caught skiping Aftermath.
Threw my girl into a bath filled with bath salts.
My mom took me to a therapist, I said that it's my dad fault.
He should have called.
Now he gon regret when he see me and my niggas ball.
He should have taught me how to shoot.
Matter fact, he should have worn a mother fucking bulletproof.

(Hook 2x)

("I'm feeling like Mozart" 7x)


released December 12, 2013
Vocals: @ABathing_Turtle
Production: @lil___Lil



all rights reserved


Lil Newport News, Virginia

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